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Friday, April 25, 2008

And The Truth Is Revealed

Sorry folks I'd rather concentrate on the old stuff, but Nicky fucked up.

This is the description of his latest "piss" video. First off he wrote the description in the 3rd person, as if he has an agent or a fan writing it for him. It's his own account, and we've seen in the past with alias of his such as "Twin Dummy" Heaven in Black
and his Richard Bachman rip off "Theo Wolfe" who was supposedly an author who liked Nicky's work and wrote a story about him. He later admitted it was him like we didn't know.

Added: April 24, 2008
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Added: April 24, 2008 (More info)
Sounding off on piss bloggers. Nickolaus Pacio...
Added: April 24, 2008 (Less info)
Sounding off on piss bloggers. Nickolaus Pacione, author of the controversial small press title An Eye In Shadows sounds off on the assholes who made his life a living hell on the web. Warning this might have explicit vulgarity.

He did mention some about these kind at length via his book published with lulu.com. Want more information on that drop him an e-mail at npacione@gmail.com.

This was in response to the repeated slandering of his name on places like Eneyclopedia Dramatica and the douchefags who go writing slash stories of him and some fucking pop star he doesn't give two shits about.
Did you see that?
He did mention some about these kind at length via his book published with lulu.com. Want more information on that drop him an e-mail at npacione@gmail.com.
Not only does he reference his "autobiography", you know the one that was passed around to everyone of his enemies the day it was released, but he conveniently links to the site where you can buy it.

Proof Nicky only stirs up shit online to make a name for himself in an attempt to gain notoriety and infamy through controversy.

It's always sad when he writes about himself in the third person when you know it's him because you know that no one would ever do that for him, but once again he slips up and shows his true agenda.

It's too bad everyone has read that book and has no need to buy it, he might have sold a few out of curiosity.


Anonymous said...

Nicky is his own number-one fan.

Valyn said...

He's so pathetic. He's a legend in his own mind. I just don't know what else to say to this.

I will show you something that made me nearly spew soda out my nose. I wrote a blog about Nickypoo on deviantART this morning and my wife came in and posted this:

*chuckling AND guffawing*.
Oh man, that is priceless. I'm sure this blog will become part of his next entry into the world of: I can't spell, I have no grammar skills and I can't put a logical sentence together.

"Looks like that anthology stealing fag an his cancer related AIDS are back to torment me again yet. He burns my vooks and is the nazi's answer to trash.He's a wiccan now and has the nerve to homosexualize my anthologies with burning YouTubes. When he dies he will come crawling back on his fag to see what a great legend I is."

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I guess you were one of the losers who pirated the damn thing. You've been founded out douchefag.

ExposeTheTard said...

What are you going on about this time, stupid? Where did I admit to pirating that piece of crap?

Valyn said...

did you notice this on his heaven in black LJ?

More trolling fagfairies. Nick told me about these asshats and they need to leave me the hell alone.

Did you notice what he did? hehe..

I see he's here, stalking and leaving his shit smell all around your blog. *shakes head* I guess he's still MIA at dA, because I haven't gotten any hate mail for my latest blog. LMAO

You've been founded out you douchefag

Uhh, founded out? That's funny. Douchefag? Well, I guess he's TRYING for originality.

ExposeTheTard said...

O M G I missed that! Valyn you are a genius!

I want to make a new blog post about that but I'm afraid of pushing the new stuff to the second page before people can see it. That is amazing, he really is a dork.

Did you notice that up on the browser bar it says "Twin Dummy"?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I guess both you assholes are nothing more than piss bloggers nothing more and nothing less. ExposeTheTard, your biggest ambition in life must be to grow up the be the biggest fuckbag someone ever's been.

Trying to sabotage someone's book while it first came out, going around raping everyone's copyrights. You're a faceless coward who doesn't have the common sense to understand you are breaking the law. Valyn -- I responded to your shitty little blog with the video I did.

IT is clear you are pissing me off and I am not about to give up as a writer or a publisher. You might as well give up as a radio dj, becuase when people find out you're trying to do constant smear brigades on deviantart.com it will show you're nothing but an everlasting Cocksucker.

Tell me something cocksucker, was being a cocksucker your biggest ambition in life or did you work at it?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Do you give your mother a blowjob with that mouth ExposetheTard?

Valyn said...

Nicky, did you suck your daddy's dick with THAT mouth? Geez, such trash out of someone so small.

Give up being a DJ? Aww, hell no, most everyone knows about you and they LAUGH, yes Nicky they LAUGH. Of course YOU don't have the grapes to tune into my shows. Only my little girl. Scared much? HAH

You responded to me in a video blog? I can't UNDERSTAND YOU, so why should I even watch. You too pussy to TYPE it out, bitch? *muwahhh baby*

ETT- Yes I noticed the Twin Dummies. LMAO He's sooo fuckin' stupid. He gives me major lulz a day. That makes me happy and tingly all over. *grin* I emailed you... *smile* It's going to begin.

SHIT I really do gotta do my show. Come tune in ETT ;-) I'll play ya song if you request LMAO

ExposeTheTard said...

For someone that hasn't had sex since 1998, you sure love to talk about it.

I didn't try to sabotage any of your shitty books. I'd explain that I wasn't involved with the passing around of An Eye In Shadows like you've been accusing me of for the past 24 hours, but you accuse everyone at some point of pirating your shit so I am no different.

I love that you tell others about not having common sense or that they break the law, all shit you do.

I want to know why you've yet to respond to III and Xris' comments about you here and over at Rusty Nail. Why are you trying to pretend they didn't punk you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicky, guess what? I downloaded a pirated copy of your stupid book. It was retarded just like you are! I even put it back up as a torrent for others to download too lol

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