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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out."

This is ironic.

Five years ago, Nicky was upset because he was being stalked. Ironic since he went on to stalk many people, men and women, authors and otherwise. Currently he is stalking a female author and believes that everything can be blamed on her.

Date: 2003-08-20 15:56
Security: Public

I want to know what is userinfopunkboi's problem and why is the bastard obsessed with stalking on me -- he was not just stalking on me but stalking on userinfointoxxify as well.
Five years ago, Nicky believed the people stalking him should be committed to a hospital. Ironic since gothic.net years ago posted that very question, even starting an online survey to get people to sign asking that he be placed back in an asylum. It happened again almost a year ago too.
I was wondering how many out there agree with me that this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out. There was someone on melo that obsessed as well but at least I can block him from ever viewing my journal if he is logged on the place but this little cum tosser is another story though. That little mall punk is trying to cramp my style but that is not going to happen. I am glad that trench tossed out one of his buddies though, but here it would be a different story that the bastard is trying to make my life a living hell.
Five years ago, Nicky wanted to report the people stalking him to the authorities. Ironic since many people have done that very thing. He has restraining order(S) against him, cease and desists, and if one were to call the Morris Illinois police they would immediately know who you are talking about and know right away that he has problems. It is said that when you call them, they return to his residence to make sure he starts taking his meds again.
What did I do to him besides tossing him out of the community I run -- he was harassing on every member in the community then decided to take a few shots on me. I am going to report him to the authorities here so they can deal with him in person, that's right the reason I got the ip number of that bastard so I can turn him into authorities. Then this little charitiy case thought it would be cool to go on the hatewagon.
And finally, this is just a tidbit, a taste, at the very end of Nicky's hatred towards livejournal. Oh there is more, in this article it's at the end, but since there was another uproar with lj it's time they and others see what he really thinks of them.
I am trying to figure out how many enemies that I made total on livejournal because it is almost laughable. It is all because of who I am, and opening disagreeing with the thing that is popular. Someone needs to light an m80 under their ass or a full stick of TNT up their ass. I don't know how to begin the list of the people I had pissed off because I had the balls to poke society in the eyes with a sharp, pointy stick. I don't know how many ass pirates came around and made my life a living hell -- one of them I made the mistake of introducing to livejournal because she turned into a livejournal sellout.

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