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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"well I have to say for having two kids, she might look good now because I am yet to see a picture of her"

*looks at my deviantART page this morning*
I think he's doing this to get some of his old written work back. I'd be surprised if he actually wanted the public to see the pieces I choose however.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I had just heard from Angel and so far her typing is a sight for sore eyes. She is still planning the trip to Chicago for Christman and working out to get down to dress size 7 for the trip here. I am just picturing what she looks like now -- a dress size nine, well I have to say for having two kids, she might look good now because I am yet to see a picture of her. She and I were wanting to get together now but sometimes it is hard to do -- she lives close to my parents in Florida, and she wants to meet my parents. There is a running joke in bloodmoon.every1.net, I give members my parents email address because they would wish her a happy birthday or send them holiday wishes. It is funny because over two hundred members reside there; and yes my parents know I do this because it shows them something that I had done with myself -- being an email service provider. Even Angel has an address there -- she has two there, one of them she gave me permission to get her started up at xanga which I am helping her set up a template, and one at diary-x when she gets more written.

Drained. This is the best way to describe what I am going through right now. Mortality is always the question on my mind because of the passing of my aunt who died of MS complications. So what is going through my mind right now -- having boughts of really deep depression. Though as depressed as I do get, suicide is never in the question though. All I want to do is just sleep, or try to do something to take the edge off. It is sometimes when I am down like this -- it takes a lot out of me to actually write something, but this time around I had done some new writings, on my journals at diary-x and on d-land. I got into a debate on livejournal with two bi's because I cracked an anti-faggot joke. It is actually funny though when they try to get into a gay/straight debate, because it would be full of jokes that would come off of jokes that I made in AngelicDenistiny's livejournal (the whole fucking thing that drove me to join xanga.) I have been deemed offensive by a Christian which is actually very hilarious because it is not the first time that this is had been done.
I had also learned that I am on the list for being a guest to this years journal con. Which is going to be in Chicago, I might be one of the few gothic writers going to be there -- I passed the link on to Atalee of gothicchicago.com hoping that GothicChicago would take part in it this year. Hell, my website was one of the linked up a few years ago -- remember the tripod site. I still have it up after four years, I am going to play around with this in form of one of my journals.

Business as usual but I learned that I was on the journal con list. I am listed with my journal at diaryland, and this is the one that I had started me with doing an online journal, then there were a few jokes I cracked the expense of the Chicago North Side again. It is one of those jokes where I get the response being called an asshole or a bigoted bastard. But for the record -- I am not a racist though because most of my friend base growing up were Arabic and African American. I was harassed because I looked different but I never cared about fitting in, teased as a kid and thought differently as an adult. All because I listened to thrash metal and hardcore was one of the reasons -- mainly the stuck-up uncle fuckers because of the way I think. Years later they come to my website and then they shit themselves thinking, "this cannot be the same nerd we fucked with in school." Yes -- this is how I was precieved, but when they see the site -- the combination of thrash metal and the reading of H.P. Lovecraft invoked the twisted mind that I had always kept. One of my former school mates was a really talented photographer, and this one signed my guestbook recently. I was hoping to do a colabation with him on a photo shoot of Dream Disturber when she comes to Chicago for a week; might do one with with Carol Kelley again if I could get a hold of her. Some of the pictures I had done with her were some that reminded me of some of Jeff's old work. What I basically did with my photography was combined my writings with it -- using the visions from my writings and placed them in still life.


Valyn said...

No matter WHAT he writes, it is so painful for me to read. It makes my brain and other body parts hurt.

Have you seen the latest on your dA page from someone called MercifulEye? Priceless, I was laughing my ass off. I knew Nicky had someone, somewhere. He just wasn't admitting it!

Phil Smith said...

"I am not a racist though because most of my friend base growing up were Arabic and African American."

... and we have a 'Some of my best friends are' line. Bingo!

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Keep giving yourself enough rope bitch, you're going to hang yourself with it anyway by stealing my works. You repeatedly violate copyright after Copyright. It is a matter of time before you have to pay restitution.

Anonymous said...

yes my parents know I do this because it shows them something that I had done with myself -- being an email service provider.

This is funny, but not in the way Nicky intended. Yeah, Nick, you're right up there with Yahoo and Hotmail.

Also, listening to thrash metal and reading Lovecraft is not what got you ostracized in school, I can guarantee that.

Drew said...

Oh no, you listened to thrash metal and read one of the most enduring horror writers in history during high school. How transgressive and counter-culture. What a darkity-dark little closet case you are, darling Nicky.

Here's a secret, princess; you weren't shunned in high school because of what you listened to, because of what you read, or because of a mental illness. You were shunned because you're a small-minded little bigot who can't control himself, and nobody likes having a frothing little Chihuahua around, pretending to faint like a southern belle at clubs, whining for a ride, and peeing on everything like the "gothy darkity-dark" Thomas Kinkade.

cussedness said...

You Nicky must pay restitution for all the terrors you have attempted to inflict upon people and their children.

Yes, nicky. Everything that you wish upon others will rebound upon you three fold.

Happy suffering, Nicky.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Nicky, that you should use the phrase "pay restitution." When all the scores are settled, you will be furthest in debt.

Of all the people involved here, you have the most to atone for.

The most to fear.

Your fate awaits...

ExposeTheTard said...

"pay restitution" is hilarious coming from someone who has yet to pay off authors from previous books as he is advertising for future submissions.

He's going to need his money to get a lawyer once the FBI investigation is complete.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

If you're trying to force me into hitatus that isn't happening either. I would more than likely force Koehler into one because of her little stunt she tried to do at a very good friend mine.

cussedness said...

Karen is a bona fide force of nature.

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Mike Brendan said...

Nicky there's two flaws in your latest comment.

One, "hiatus" is only spelled with one "t."

Two, you have no friends.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Douche Webb = Exposethetard.

Mike Brendan said...

Well you've never made an accurate guess before, why should this time be any different?

Never mind... you no understand logic.

cussedness said...

Mike, Nicky no understand English.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Listen douchebags, the press will be all over this within the next week and I will send you to hell. I know Enck is ExposeTheTard with collaboration with Karen Koehler. Koehler gave herself away with her size so the possibility is there that she was holding the torch.

ExposeTheTard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Brendan said...

Keep on deluding yourself Nicky. It's the only thing you're good at.

ExposeTheTard said...

And here is the thing: He himself has admitted as recently as last week, on his own deviantart, that one of his sites had been purged.

Most of them have been closed for violated TOS and if you go back a ways on ETT you'll see where Nicky couldn't understand IP coding so he started threatening the webmaster in a chat session which led to his banning.

He lost all of this stuff. It would be gone for good were it not for me. Fuck when his last computer stopped working he lost a lot off of that.

I can't wait for the press to come (they won't) I can show them, after he has bitched about his personal info being put out there, that he just did that today on his blogspot, or where he said book burning was horrible, then a paragraph later asked people to do it to another person's books.

So bring it on.

Anonymous said...


Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website

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