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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"It seems like I don't know what lady to go with." or "Right now I am keeping my options open as far as the ladies go -- as long they are born women."

Hard to believe almost five years ago he had so many internet ladies on the net wanting him he didn't know what to do. You can guess how this ends, since every profile of his that you've seen him create even as recent as the past few months has him as an "eligible bachelor" looking for his Morticia Addams. The closet he came since then was "Angel" who lived all the way in Florida and had no intentions of being his girlfriend.

I gave plenty of warning about the "innocents", I even held back since he hadn't gone after any since his ill-fated gig at the Nite Cap.

Date: 2003-08-07 15:43
Security: Public

I like to welcome userinfoechocrush to my journal on here, but she was one who followed my other journal from the day that I got pulled from interviewed.diary-x.com. So if anyone knows that I have an infamous reputation for taking an unpopular stand it would be her. Then a new person added me but I had this feeling this one came from deadjournal, userinfodefcon9. In that note I was responding to some email and got a few ladies from gothicpersonals responding -- the plan for me to go see one of them is in effect in October. A woman responded to me from Indianna, I am not ready for the instant parent role yet. Though I found one on there who is doing a study of the darker side of life, which I am intrigued enough to take part in -- I might post parts of the interview on the other journals when it gets off the ground. It is funny how one of them who responded to an ad that I had up there was a friend of a woman I worked with in the past -- I was thinking, "Damn, small world."
When it rains it pours!
Date: 2003-08-08 12:48
Subject: what is it with the older women,,,,,
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Mood: amused

I have been getting an email from this lady from gothicpersonals who really been eye'ing on me for I don't know how long -- it is almost like since I broke with ** a few years ago. It seems like I don't know what lady to go with. The one from Indianna has a kid -- as much as I like young kids, I am not ready to be the instant parent. Though I wouldn't write off a mother with a child though as a possible girlfriend. Right now I am keeping my options open as far as the ladies go -- as long they are born women. (Making like Rodney Dangerfield with that remark.) One that I am planning to meet is actually taller than I am which is not so bad -- userinfodecima actually made a joke about being taller than some of the guys she dated or they were taller than her, could not remember. I knew it was something on those lines. It is sometimes that case with me where the lady is actually taller than me on more than one occasion. Women my mother's age or the same age as one of my cousins (the one I went to Pantera with, she is the same age as the members of Slayer and Anthrax) actually hit on me as well and they don't even look 42. There was this case on loveaccess.com where the woman was 45 years old -- I told her I made it a rule not to date women older than my mother or five years younger than my mother. I had friends who kissed dating goodbye but that is not my style though, I had seen friends get married off over the years -- I am still the bachelor among the bunch then some of my long time friends are not married off yet but popped the question to their ladies. They are not so much harping on me but trying to fix me up with the friends of their girlfriends though, one of them was trying to get with my best friend but he turned her down.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, how skeevy. If I wasn't at work I'd be heading for the shower right now.

Little Bird said...

Considering his mother's only fifteen years older than he is (as he has pointed out himself many, many times)? The only thing that could make him any more repugnant is throwing an Oedipal complex on top of all his other issues.

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