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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Proof Nicky Doesn't Have Friends, Fans, and No Personal Army

When Nicky took the bait from my joke, he thought he was really sticking it to me to repost the emails where I begged him not to.

I noticed however, that at the top of his blog post, he wrote

To: NickolausPacione@aim.com
From: ExposeTheTard@yahoo.com (e-mail is posted for those who want to send the sad cunt hate mail.)

As you can see, Nicky wanted his legion of fans and friends to start emailing me for fucking with him. If you read his posts there and elsewhere, he is always telling his foes or EONs (Enemies Of Nicky) that they best not step foot in Chicago or they will have all sorts of things happen to them. Everything from being beat up to being thrown in the river. He gives permission for people to do that to the EONs. A few years ago he even came back from a trip to Chicago bragging that he ran into a lot of strangers who knew who he was and they hated his enemies.

So with all of that, you'd expect my inbox to be flooded with hate mail, right?

Nothing. No emails, no threats, no one defending him, noting.

Proof that he doesn't have anyone at his disposal. Proof no one cares enough to fight his battles for him with the exception of the females in his family, and even they seem to have realized he isn't worth defending.


Anonymous said...

Why does this not surprise me? He's nothing but a foul-mouthed windbag.

Anonymous said...

There was a guy wandering around WHC saying he was supposed to punch Brian Keene, if Keene were to show up. As a favor to Nicky.

I don't know if he was serious.

(Keene wasn't there.)

Valyn said...

Well, I know it just hurts you SOOO much to not have all the hate mail Nickypoo promised, would you like me to send you one? I will promise to rant like him, well that is if I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I, like, hate you and stuff. You only have one ear and you're probably a member of Hilter Youth because you support e-piracy or something gay like that. If I see you on the streets of Chicago I'll throw an onion at your head and then giggle and run away because I am one of Nicky's homies, yo.

Feel better now?

cussedness said...

Nicky succeeded only once in getting people to send hatred on his behalf. He went to an LJ called Fuck You List, and posted that I was threatening/had written slash fiction about him and his son and that I was trying to destroy his career.

I received 30 nastygrams over it.

Then the folks at Fuck You List, who did not know Nicky from Adam, realized they had been had and turned on Nicky after reading my account of what had actually happened.

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