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Monday, April 21, 2008

We Get It Already! Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Wow. As seen over at poor NR's myspace, Nicky was tickled over the 24" pizza.
From Neutral Red's myspace comment section oddly enough Nicky's comment was in black font so unless you highlight it, no one can see it. It's for the best

Nickolaus A. Pacione

Apr 21 2008 11:48 AM

LEt me know when you have the pizza box posted up in the practice space. You guys who've known NR from Neutral Red, be expecting a new decoration in their practice space. It was good to see all of you again after ten years. My cousin was laughing her ass off about you guys bringing the pizza boz home with you.
That's going to get me laughing for years to come

Still interested in the pizza? Let's visit lj's goth site run by someone who just recently admitted over at chicago_gothic that is realizes now he really isn't goth at all!

From livejournal

Nickolaus A. Pacione (n_pacione) wrote in goth,
@ 2008-04-21 16:29:00
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Entry tags:author, heavy metal, maintainer, vlogging

A chime in. Show Recap.

Hey all your maintianer here, things got busy around here lately as in been working on two manuscripts and got done with the show at The Nite Cap. It wasn't at all like what a particular blog had tried to make it out to be, I had a fun time MC'ing the gig. NR and everyone involved had a blast. Between working on manuscripts (plural here. One of them was started back in the late part of January, and the other was started in mid-march.) It was good to see III, Daemon, Xris, and the new guys. They kicked ass as a five piece and they said they will be back in Chicago again.
I was given a new nickname by the headliner too -- the heavy metal author. I am smiling about that one and Rebel Radio's sound guy was wondering where the vocal pipes were coming from in the soundcheck. IT's a hell of an experience. I got to meet some of Chicago's heavy metal personalities too, and in that was a real blast to do. We all had a lot of laughs at this thing -- the promoter brought a pizza in for NR, and what he said to NR they didn't believe how big the pizza was (this one I knew how big it was because I brought one of these into my apartment when it wasn't my apartment yet.) One of my cousin's used to do the delivery for them (and NR brought the pizza box back with them as a momento. I am waiting for the picture of the pizza box to be posted in their practice space. This box is for a 24 inch pizza (Withering Soul was laughing about this too.) I was looking at them, you're taking the box home with you. When you're from out of state like that and see a pizza that size you're thinking, Holy shit! How the fuck could they make it that big? There was lot of pictures taken of everyone involved -- there was one that one of the people snapped of the vocalist/guitarist from Dark Spectrum, Vocalist of Withering Soul, and then myself. I was the shortest of the bunch at 5'10. The guitiarist of the first band was the youngest on the bill too.
You can tell if the promoters and the MC are from the South Side area if they know the exact place where to grab the pizza from and willing to drive as far as Polaski to get it. These pizzas are large too and a single slize are twelve inches, and for $3.00 is that slice and a small cola. One thing about the area is you know where all the by the slice places are at. So with that, NR didn't believe us how big their dinner was going to be. An Igloo full of beer, two cans of Monster Java, and a six pack of Coke (the Coke and 2 Cans Monster Java is my only rider if I host shows.) I am not that expensive when it goes to rider, but I've seen some rather costly riders too. It is one of those shows I want to see happen again in a mid-sized venue for the all ages or 18 and over set. I took the day off from working on material that day to focus more on being an MC and this was the first time ever I did something like this and hopefully it won't be the last.

It's over thankfully, now Neutral Red can go back to kicking ass and rocking the asses off of whatever state they visit. I am glad now that they did allow Nicky to MC their show, because it gave us EONs a chance to meet a very talented and awesome group who we wish more success in the future!

Thanks once more to III andXris for everything!


Nickolaus A. Pacione

Apr 21 2008 12:54 PM

Let me know when you get that pizza box plastered up on the way -- I want pictures of it because one of my other cousins used to do deliveries for the place. I am always curious how many people bring those boxes back with them. I am going to get a laugh out of that a long time, I will be telling my sister about that when she gets old enough to be able to go to shows. Thanx for coming, good to see you guys after all these years.


Anonymous said...

and Rebel Radio's sound guy was wondering where the vocal pipes were coming from in the soundcheck.

If you didn't know better you'd think the sound guy was admiring his vocal abilities. He left out that the dude running the board was pissed and wanted to kick his ass for doing that.

I took the day off from working on material that day

If you didn't know better you'd think that he has a career. Took a day off from working? He stopped working years ago the lazy fat fuck.

I love the fact he was too scared to promote his shit. Too bad for the other people in his anthologies they didn't get represented because he is a coward. A short fat coward don't buy that 5'10 bullshit dude is really short. Represents the leprechaun guild and shit.

therustynail said...

I put up a post about his "recap" as well. It was all about the food and feeling like "one of the guys." Sheesh.

Valyn said...

He's so full of shit. He didn't ONCE mention the SHOW and how good the bands did. What a twit. Of course what can we expect from the little fat fuck, he was more interested in the FOOD. Too bad someone did knock him under that train he's standing by, we would all be better off. Ohmy, did I just say that? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I see Nicky covering his ass.

He is doing the whole "I took time from writing two stories to do this" like he has a life and this was something he stopped his busy schedual to do. I think it's a cover so that while he is hiding waiting for the embarrassment of Saturday to go away it will appear that it's because he is busy being a writer.

I also notice he makes a point to mention his height, which has nothing to do with anything, again he is trying to salvage his reputation and using the time he should be talking about nr to make himself look like less of a fat troll.

Its sad really. When you hear that he was too scared to push his wares? He was scared? And now he posts that pathetic blog entry and notice he isn't trying to rub anything in your faces?

cussedness said...

he's always calling people fat, but he looks like a tub of lard in that picture.

His belly is hanging out so far that he looks pregnant.

Anonymous said...

oh thats right I remember the last Gothicfest he was hanging on this dj (which wasn't as sad as him hanging on vampire don pretending like he was his bitch) and he grabbed the mic at one point and screamed "destroy" as loud as he could and pissed the dj and many others off. well most people were like wtf? but the guy spinning records was PISSED.

point is he is retarded and he should be kept away from mics and food.

ExposeTheTard said...

anonymous were you the same person that sent me that email from the last Gothicfest?

Everyone can relax for a bit. Like someone said months ago this is the part of the cycle where he goes offline to hide from his previous failure and works on writing until he gets the courage up to get back on the net and get back to threatening and harassing. Depending on whether someone disturbs his "hitatus" with a video or blog that will infuriate him, he should be MIA now for a little under a month.

He is nothing if not predictable huh?

cussedness said...

He's been reading Rusty.

ExposeTheTard said...

Oh leaving his footprints electronically over there?

Well I'm sure that's all he will be doing for the next three or so weeks.

It's a shame, because I was going through the old hard drive and found some stuff people would love to read, and yet, if I don't have a reason to post it ie he is not going after one of the innocents, that actually is a better thing.

ExposeTheTard said...

I added to this blog entry because he is still obsessed over the fucking pizza. I didn't create a new entry because even though the "deal" dealt with old bygone posts and artwork, since he's being good (hiding) I decided to just add to what I already posted.

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