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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist"

I am trying to remember where I placed it, but I have a page saved where a certain someone is admitting he studied "Satanic Verses" but until I find it, I am not officially making that statement.

You get to see his "sense of humor" which, if you've ever seen him try to tell jokes (refer to November 2007 on his DeviantART where he tried in vain to woo a woman with his humor) you know he lacks that ability too.

Thursday, June 7th, 2001
10:21 pm
wrote one about wheaton,,
Well I was talking to Heidi Leigh since she was living in Du Page County near where I used to live for 11 years and mentioned the DuPage Projects, so she mentioned that she worked in Wheaton so I thought I would write a little more about Wheaton in an entry at d-land called Protestant Vatican. I had heard many jokes about Wheaton being Illinois' Christian capitol and got banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist because I dressed in black, wrote gothic poetry, and listened to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. It was something that I would look at them with a dirty look on the lines saying -- "do I look like a person who cares about what God thinks?" It would be that which would be a heresy to them because many of them had never picked up an Anthrax ablum or Metallica , they had grew up on a diet of gospel or even Michael W. Smith --- they would be forcing Christianity harder down peoples throat since the Columbine killings or even that homicide in front of the Danada McDonald's. I could already hear some of the jokes that would come out of Glendale Heights and Lombard on that one because most of my friends from there are similar to how I am -- a really sick sense of humor. They are one of those who would look at a crime scene then would say -- let's get something to eat. My friends Jay and Richie are like that -- they joke about the woman who had her baby carved out after being stabbed over seventy times. It is one of the most fucked up things that happened in DuPage County -- actually take that back, the mother poisoning her son and daugther in Naperville. I know exactly where that area is because I used to work as a personal assistant there which was about two blocks from where the psychopathic bitch killed her children with her antipsychotic medication -- placing it in their drinks then she tried to open her wrists. That would be a pool going on now -- would she be locked up for life in a sanitarium and given good drugs or they would kill her in prison. I am in a sick mood here because of that one. I had grown numb to the horror in DuPage County -- for me to even write of it would be something of a taboo because Wheaton is one of the more religious towns in DuPage, and Glendale Heights is the area where it is cynical. I am one who doesn't duck and run when it comes to my writing but when it comes to marriage, it is another story because I am still young.

Actually let's look at his sense of humor again, shall we?

Uh huh. One of his alt IDs was in fact named "God Am". Yep. And the death of one of the Bee Gees is apparently hilarious.

Date: 2003-01-17 14:59
Subject: ::one of my rare weird moments:: very vulgar but funny
Security: Public
Mood: hyper
Music: Candlebox -- You

God Am 1/17/03 12:28 PM hello there. I was listening to the radio up
here and they were making "Disco Sucks" jokes
all over again -- I was trying to call in
when they were playing beegees as a prank I
busted out laughing so hard that I could not
say what I wanted to say and "shit" slipped
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:28 PM *laugh*
God Am 1/17/03 12:28 PM this was while I was cracking up, the jokes
were about what caused Gibb's heart attack.
Twisted bowells.
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:29 PM dennis leary said of andy gibb after he died
years ago..."One down, two to go..."
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:29 PM so now I guess it's 2 down, 1 to go?
God Am 1/17/03 12:29 PM yeah
God Am 1/17/03 12:29 PM :-D
God Am 1/17/03 12:30 PM it was a bunch of metalheads joking like that
l though -- so you have to say it is funny when
a bunch into Slayer or Black Sabbath rip on
The Bee Gees :lol:
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:30 PM so he died of shit. Brilliant! *lol*
God Am 1/17/03 12:31 PM something like that -- trying to take a shit.

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