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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Swinging In The Dark

Nicky has been active as of late on DeviantART
First he thought I was Karen Koehler or in cahoots with her

:iconnickolaus:~nickolaus 3 days 7 hours ago Listen good -- quit swiping my content you piece of white trash. And yes that is exactly what you are are nothing but faceless white trash who've been working with my ex-fiancee -- yes I know about that too. You and her are both shits in that sense of the word. You're nothing but white thrash so you're only chance at fame is to fuck with everything I put together. And with your "friend" who posted all that information too I guess she doesn't give a shit about her authors and books that she signs the checks for. Because she is willing to throw it all away just to stiffle my own career.
Then a day later, has a new theory

:iconnickolaus:~nickolaus 4 hours 24 minutes ago What right do you have to steal every picture and watermark them you sad bitch. Trying to cause a rift between myself and a friend of ten years. Repeatedly violating someone's copyrights -- I begin to think you and The Rusty Nail are the same fucking person and going and creating a fucking domain so I can't get one. I hope you fucking kill yourself by walking off a high cliff. If anyone is the bitch here it's you.
But the truth of the matter is that Nicky doesn't have a clue, and he is scared.

I've worked with very few people online. One person helped me with watermarking at the begining then showed me how to do it, another came forward with very personal information about Nicky. Aside from them, I work alone in posting the hundreds of megabytes of old Nicky information I have saved over the years.

Truth is that from the begining, a small group of us started saving everything he ever posted years ago for reasons I won't delve into just yet. A good number of those people moved on but before cleaning their hard drive of any trace of Nicky sent me information I hadn't collected.

Sadly, we go back a very long time with Nicky and still have much to "expose".

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Nickolaus Pacione said...

You must be LASH then.

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