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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nazi A Go-Go

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  • Blogger Nickolaus Pacione said... Hilter Youth. THat is what you are -- nothing but a modern day version of the Hitler Youth.
  • April 5, 2008 3:21 PM All seriousness the people who are cowardly enough to torch the book really must follow the teachings of the Hilter Youth.
  • That little stunt made you all the equivelant of NAZIS.
  • Koehler and her little lackeys are a prime example of what the modern day version of the Hilter Youth would act like.
  • The person who did that video is a fucking Nazi by any standard.
  • That's right I will also say this of The Other Dark Place too -- they are hilter youth. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they were torching books by authors who don't support what they support either. I think it is very insulting for someone to do that and it is downright offensive. Then the fag, ExposeTheTard steals more content from my site, what a piece of shit.
  • ~nickolaus 8 hours 48 minutes ago Piss off Loser. You think torching someone's book is funny, I find it offensive and wrong when it is an anthology! I think that is something someone who was brought up by the Hilter Youth would do.
  • You are a son of a bitch. I guess you support pagan authors and the far left because that is something they'd do. You fucking Nazi piece of shit.

NickolausPacione | 04 April 2008
Fuck off loser. Someone to burn a book like that -- that makes them look like a fucking nazi. And you are a nazi for going along with it.

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