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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No or "faking my morbidity"

Yes that was my page on DeviantART, DeviantART where homophobes can threaten people and mock serious illness without repercussions. He's had many websites banned however, so they may still delete him depending on how many complaints he gets.

No my name isn't Lawrence, I don't have a penis. I am not anyone other than myself.

I never understood the "Lawrence" name on my page either. I'm positive my site wasn't hacked. When I tried seeing where on my page that name was I not only couldn't remove it, I couldn't even find it. So maybe not being on DeviantART isn't such a bad thing after all.

I did make my real identity known recently to about four people whom I would rather they not reveal themselves to verify my identity lest Nicky then suspect them of being me, otherwise I would have them come forward not to say who I am, but who I am not.

I also expected that page to close, I just didn't expect Nicky to fill the comments with such awesome evidence against his own character.

I'm not sure why a fight between two other people made it into all of this, but from what I've read about the person some suspect me of being I just assume deal with one nutjob's drama and that be it.

And now, for something completely different

Cry of Martyrs

Time standing still in the shadows,,
the voice that never speaks is always heard.
the prayers I speak are denied,,
words left unspoken, forever one is broken.
The angels speak but only are fallen.

This remains spoken
but never heard, my sins are bleed
the only thing seen is the blood on my hands,,
the nails driven deeper to the bones,
a pain I cannot speak of
The cut upon my knees I bleed,,
the salvation one speaks of is never heard
only thing audible,,,
the laughter of hypocrisy,,

In the beginnings of this site, quite a few of you have visited my page and I was without a picture to show you,-- a ghost writer so to say.. now I finally posted one of me and I will have others shortly. If some of you think that I am faking my morbidity, you can ask my friend, Clinton Theile since he is the one that typed Spiral Torment for me or my current ex-girlfriend, ** (at the time she took this picture we were dating, now we are no longer together.)-- she took this photo that reveals the face behind the infamos Writings From The Grave.

These next few links will take you into the darkest visions that were ever thought up by a single human being on the web. The horrors are as nightmarish as the realities deplictied written withing the fictional works and dark essays. --they will tear your soul apart.

There are three poems that I like to share with you on this page.

Nightmares Remains

In sands that remain,,
the evil stares onward,,
and the prayers are spoken,,
within the lungs of hell,,
all that is seen, a nightmare,,

a nightmare in the shadows,,
unhallowed this night,,
blackened from the Eyes,,
from the eons of the enternal..

Blind -- infernal torment,,
hellish fears come to life ,,
as the children of BAAL pray,,
to the creature from the sea,,
the thing is waiting -- blackened,,
the souls throbbing in hell,,
hearing the sound of the bell,,

Satan's slaves see all that remains,,
the eyes in the black,,
all that is left to be,,
in the shadows rapture,,
The darkenings rage as the bell starts tolling,,
the times rage onward into hell.


In the eyes,,
all that remain,,,
a creature that sleeps,,,
1000 years,, in the eve,,
in the eternal lie,,
bring the eons that death may die

many lives are burned,,,
shattered souls within the abyss,,
all that is seen,,cosmic paranoia,,
the creature that sleeps,,,
a nightmare within the lie,,
in the dreams in stranger eons,,
that death may die,,,

blackened eyes staring under the sea,,,
laughing,,, watches his childen wear white robes,,
and pointy hats -- being hung from the trees,,
nothing can save them because of what they have done,,
the evil that all men do,, happens to live on forever in the spirit,,
this spirit,, the spirit of the Cthulthu,,

Horror In Reality
Above are stories of extreme horror fiction and what I am about to share below is an actual case about a vampire cult. I saw a court trial on television about a seventeen year old facing the death penality. Thus this is a sad thing because they have been mislead, but the dark fact is people don't really see this shit happening. When I write horror -- I show what is the most horrific thing possible that can happen. When something like this occurs, I am the first one to be blamed. So those of you in the church, don't be sending me all of your hate mail because I am really warning against the dangers of Vampire: The Masquerade. I am not the cause of the enviroment around me, I am just the reflection -- a journalist and a writer.


Anonymous said...

I never suspected you of being LD. He's too much of an egomaniac and would have announced it was him by now for the fame.

Valyn said...

I'll just keep reading you here. It PISSES me the fuck off though that your dA got banned while his is still there. I blogged a bit about it on my dA journal, let's see if dA bans ME now, a paying customer. O.o

ExposeTheTard said...

We're you the one that sent me the heads up this morning? If so I appreciate that. It's bad enough Nicky is accusing dozens of people, many good, of being me. I understand in retrospect where someone would have assumed that but it does bother me since that person seems really scummy and underhanded himself. I saw where he tried pulling me in the middle of his crap on that book site and frankly I thought the stunt was funny, but that he is very pitiful and lame.

ExposeTheTard said...

Thank you valyn. If anyone feels that was wrong, you can always email deviantart and point out all of the horrible things he has said and done. If they see that and still allow him to prosper there, then they may just shoot themselves in the foot.

I've saved most of his sites because you always could see with most of them when they were about to ban him, and that was the case with xanga, livejournal, deadjournal, darksites, etc.

Or just don't worry about it. I still have other websites he'll never stop me. Well he can, if he stops harassing people period.

cussedness said...

A lot of the people that Nicky has accused of being you, including myself, are people he has also accused of being Peter Barnes.

We take it with a grain of salt because he is always wrong.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Still swipping my work you one-eared freak, or let me guess you were born a two-headed baby.

Mike Brendan said...

I'll admit, when I saw the "Lawrence" and the date of the DA page's inception I was suspicious. I do hope I didn't cast false impressions on people (not my intent), as I later said I wouldn't state any conclusions. It just seemed odd at the time...

Mike Brendan said...

Nick, even your insults fail

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website

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