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Friday, April 25, 2008

Cliff Notes?

I got this email this morning.

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 14:25:53 -0700 (PDT)


Subject: cliff notes plz

To: exposethetard@yahoo.com

wow you unloaded on Nicky this week but I am lazy and reading all this from my phone until so can I just get the cliff notes of all you posted? thx

That's actually not a bad idea. So, starting from last night, here is what we learned...
  • The state of Iowa will never let him see his child "I will always be here for you even though the state would not allow me to be your father, my mind was too far gone and need to get the help I needed before I even began to be a father to you."
  • At one point five years ago, he had many prospects for love. Online. "In that note I was responding to some email and got a few ladies from gothicpersonals responding -- the plan for me to go see one of them is in effect in October."
  • He used gothicpersonals to look for love "I have been getting an email from this lady from gothicpersonals who really been eye'ing on me for I don't know how long"
  • He used loveaccess.com and
  • Romanced older women, women his mother's age and older
    "Women my mother's age or the same age as one of my cousins (the one I went to Pantera with, she is the same age as the members of Slayer and Anthrax) actually hit on me as well and they don't even look 42. There was this case on loveaccess.com where the woman was 45 years old -- I told her I made it a rule not to date women older than my mother or five years younger than my mother.
    "I knew it was something on those lines. It is sometimes that case with me
    where the lady is actually taller than me on more than one occasion."
Sorry folks that one had to be exclamated
  • "Nick the Boxer", wasn't "...when I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes"
  • A teacher was too scared to come hear him read poetry "I tried to invite the teacher to the open mics but she would not because she knew how dark I was getting with the writings."
  • He was banned from college "...got banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist because I dressed in black, wrote gothic poetry, and listened to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd."
  • He thought someone's aggresive online behavior should get them committed like he was
    "I was wondering how many out there agree with me that this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out."
  • Thinks livejournal members are sellouts "I am trying to figure out how many enemies that I made total on livejournal because it is almost laughable. It is all because of who I am, and opening disagreeing with the thing that is popular. Someone needs to light an m80 under their ass or a full stick of TNT up their ass. I don't know how to begin the list of the people I had pissed off because I had the balls to poke society in the eyes with a sharp, pointy stick. I don't know how many ass pirates came around and made my life a living hell -- one of them I made the mistake of introducing to livejournal because she turned into a livejournal sellout."
  • All of this was posted because Nicky decided once again to stalk someone who didn't do anything to him
I am compiling his numerous rants about livejournal over the years to be featured here. That is if he continues to harass innocent people online who haven't done anything to justify his stalking. Of course if he stop harassing them you folks won't see it, his old lj goth discussions, his illness diary, or anything else.

Tit for tat. For every stalking and harassment, a new tidbit. ;)


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Bitch -- going around violating every damn copyright. You are a fucking dyke ass cunt.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You know -- sounds like you don't have a life, one-eared bitch. Going arounds stalking old blogs and stealing my entires what the mother fuck is wrong with you? Trying to alienate long time friends, you must not have any friends in real life.

ExposeTheTard said...

I'm not a lesbian
I have both my ears
I don't run any other blogs other than the livejournal account I opened, and nothing is posted there

So you are wrong on all counts again.

Valyn said...

Nicky, I like boys, want to play?

Uhh, wait I have standards.

ETT, I see he's still on the one-eared thing. WHERE did he come up with that? LMAO He's so pitiful. Poor little boy.

You aren't stealing, you are merely making them so those of us that weren't around way back when can read them. You are doing a great service. Fair use. ;-)

I have a radio show to do in about 15 minutes, but I will be back. hehe

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, ETT, but I think I kinda love you a little :)

Anonymous said...

nick has bigger problems


someone on youtube named TickedOffContributor posted a review of tabloid purposes 2

ExposeTheTard said...

Oh wow that video is awesome.

Thanks anonymous love you too. :D

Valyn said...

ACK, I am on air and can't watch it right now. I will at midnight when I get off air. heee Thanks anonymous!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop watching that video either! It's so cool looking when that pink gas gets slathered on that pile of rubbish, then the guy lights it on fire and lets that bitch burn! Best part about this video like the last is the guy says it's a freebe too! You can tell Nicky hasn't seen that yet he's not shitting his pants all over the place like he used to.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit Nicky is back online! Watch him freak out!

Anonymous said...

"I am not going to stop doing these anthologies, or producing anthologies all together it just gives me more fuel to write about in my fiction"

And the fiction you write about gives them more fuel for their fire! lol

ExposeTheTard said...

You called it anonymous he is shitting his pants alright! He even has a new post on his blog already!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some punishment to give out since mentioned an innocent.

Anonymous said...

More fuel for the fire?! He's got that right at least LOL

cussedness said...

What's the matter, Nicky? Got your pink panties twisted because other folks like to exercise their constitutional rights to free speech?

Poor little princess Nicky has issues!

Valyn said...

He did go ape-shit. He's really all over me over there at youtube, it's SO damned funny.

All I can say is, that's one less of his shitty books in the world. R.I.P. bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

He's probably doing this (burning) himself, thinking it'll garner some attention from the media or other writers and they'll come to his rescue.

We know he's one of those idiots who think all publicity is good publicity.

Anonymous said...

Hey ETT long time reader first time writer here.

That bio of his was hilarious. He had been threatening people for months that a book was coming out exposing them and basically making people think he was talking all kinds of trash about them. His plan was to get them to buy it to see what he was saying about them.
But he started sending it to friends and eventually it got in the hands of one of his foes who passed it on. By the day the book came out for sale it seems like most everyone had read it so they had no need to buy it. He was furious and left the most violent rant on his blog I've ever seen. He even posted a virus hoping those that read it would click on the link to infect their computers but even that failed.
He admitted a few months ago that he only sold one copy of it. I don't feel sorry for him he tried scaring people into buying it and most of those people saw it anyways. I'm not sure who all read it.

ExposeTheTard said...

anonymous 1: It appears that it is Nicky burning his own books. This last time look at when the video was uploaded and how quickly he had it up on his blog commenting on it.

That is after all, his reasoning for thinking Rusty Nail and myself are the same person. If I post something and later on Rusty Nail comments on it, or vice versa, he believes it is because we are one in the same.

Either way I think both of the videos where his books are burning are hilarious! I lmao every time

anonymous 2: That's hilarious too!

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You're nothing but a piss blogger someone who is obsessed with trying to smear someone's name in the mud.

That is where I drawn the conclusion that you and Rusty Nail are one in the same both losers who get off on stealing everything out there and trying to twist the truth around on someone. You and "Encyclopedia" Dramatica are piss bloggers, it is the worst form of yellow journalism I've seen in a long time.

You're connected to the cocksuckers who made the book available for free, and yes you condone piracy and book burning too. In that it makes you as bad as the fucks who are involved with Nazi Germany or the assholes who bombed London in the recent years.

If your kids did a school shooting you'd reward them with a Wii or a playstation for their bad behavior.

Valyn said...

If your kids did a school shooting you'd reward them with a Wii or a playstation for their bad behavior.

WHAT the fuck does something as tragic as a school shooting have to do with burning his trashy books. GOD the boy grasps at anything and everything to rant.

ExposeTheTard said...

Well I am not Rusty Nail, and Rusty Nail isn't me, hell I have never even talked to RN except for the comments section of my site. I don't know RN's email and I sure as hell have't recieved one.

That doesn't matter. Nicky gets desperate and

what's this? Attacking an innocent on wordpress? Ooh time to do the two part series on Nicky dating.

Mike Brendan said...

Mick, one of these days, you'll actually make sense and the universe will implode.

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