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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Rosen Up My Bow



Anonymous said...

Here is his latest post from blogspot with words removed, but none added.

here is the original
"I noticed asshole chimes in again. I guess the kiddie jock endorses the fact that someone violates copyrights on a regular basis by stealing all my old work and posting it on their blog without my permission. Then watermarking my old artwork and photographs too like they were theirs to do that with. I even found new information that could bring one of his friends down in the process but I guess I will keep that to myself for now. Especially when I am close to busting out The Rusty Nail aka Jane Beresfield, it all points back to this bitch too. Jess Patrick keep your bitch on a short leash. My work didn't carry a Creative Commons either. My work will never be creative commons either.
There's more where that came from but I won't mention the information right now because I don't want to lose the thunder I gained. I will also say this much the person who thought burning my book is funny, that makes you equal to Adolf Hilter when he burned H.G. Wells' books. I will say this much, when it comes to the horror literary territory what kind of writers would you support the kind who taint the genre by writing an alternative sex fringe or authors who try to preserve the way it was meant to be. I am not mentioning the brat who blasted on me in a forum here but I will put those kind of authors on spot here. I will say this I am glad I didn't include the flaming fruitloop in the anthology now because he would have tainted the series. Those of you who didn't get the referrence I will say it a way midwesterners know it -- aka a fudgepacker.
You pompus assholes can take this either way, but you can take your opinions and your false truths about me, then shove them sideways up your ass. I have my opinions and I defend my published works on a regular basis just because too many assholes like to discredit the publications no matter what I do. They can take their Poppy Z. Brite novels and shove them up their ass too, but then again the ones who have a very hostile opinion of me would get off on fisting each other. The fact that some assholes have actively tried to alienate my good friends, and this really had me pissed off to no end. I am busy hammering away on two manuscripts but seems like they want to drag my name through dogshit as usual.
The industry these days it's not about the author's merit anymore, it's about who's dick they suck or whose ass they fuck. I wouldn't want to get anywhere near those losers who did that to get where they are because they would smell too much like ass. They thought it was funny they managed to get one video closed down but I will say this much there will be more to that video, and yeah I noticed what one of them had tried to do actively. I am waiting for that loserette to post on LiveJournal about it. Michelle Lee, I know you're lying about laughing about that video of my book being torched. I know that Jodi Lee must been laughing about it, and in that it makes the sow a shitty human being.
How did I find out that Jane Beresfield is the bitch behind the fraud domain name, I did some research and punched up who she was. See I have my weapons to find things out. I have a hobby that people don't know about and it's called skiptracing. I learned this from having family members who are bill collectors. Seeing them do skiptracing for a living I made it a hobby. I am putting two and two together, Jane Beresfield is also Expose The Tard. I am also chiming on about the posts that are devoted for making me look like the bad guy on there -- yes I am addressing the fuckstains on Stupid Free here. Knowing one of them would be wandering over to this blog and yes I am referring to the cunt behind Belfry Inc over here too. Never underestimate white trash in numbers, and a Bitch In The Belfry. It also seems like "promoter" DJ Pathogen thought the idea of someone torching my book is funny. Fucking asshole. I have to ask does he suck his mother's cock with his mouth."

but here is the core of it

"I noticed asshole
I am close to busting out
short leash.
alternative sex
blasted on me
flaming fruitloop
shove them sideways up your ass
many assholes
shove them up their ass
get off
fisting each other
some assholes
I am busy hammering
dick they suck
whose ass they fuck
smell too much like ass
Fucking asshole.
suck his mother's cock with his mouth"

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Piss off one-eared freak.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Every picture without the watermarks now. JANE. That is the magic word NOW.

Phil Smith said...

Princess, Princess, Princess. You can say all the magic words you want, but it's no use unless you have a big magic wand to go with it. We all know about the size of your wand now, though, don't we?

Anonymous said...

help desk link for deviant art TOS violations: http://help.deviantart.com/238/

JupiterPluvius said...


Report Him Anonymously

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