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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rules Have Most Definately Been Broken

I've been holding back the water, it's time to break the dam and let it flow.

I did this wrong, because you will see the blog posts before me actually saying I am going to post them. Oh well if you are reading this now you have scanned through most of it.

I am not Rusty Nail, or Karen, or Valyn, or anyone else. I am me and none of those people.

"It's not rocket science, it's journalism. There's a difference between me and you esposeatard, I'm actually a journalist."

No he's not, otherwise he'd know that I am not Rusty Nail or anyone else. Remember last week he thought I was someone with one ear? Remember how quick he then asked if I was Rusty Nail?

He's not even a tabloid fake journalist. They at least make money, can drive, and make sure their work is proofread and mistake free before it's printed. No Nicky, journalists actually get paid by someone else other than the government. And how can you say in the same video that we don't do our research then admit that we have a lot of your old crap that you wrote?


Valyn said...

I just really woke up and I will comment on the other stuff in a bit, when I have time to get my thoughts together.

Uhh for the love of God, please tell me he hasn't accused you of being ME now?

Valyn said...

I read his raving about Karen on his blog, and well, I had to blog about that on my deviantART journal. hahaha

Too bad he's still on "hitatus" on dA and probably won't see it, but it gave me a hell of a laugh putting it together.

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