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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Deal Of Sorts

Nickolaus, in your latest blog in entry that you've added to numerous times you made the following statement:
All seriousness the people who are cowardly enough to torch the book really must follow the teachings of the Hilter Youth. Stealing my work, trying to convice everyone that I died, and now you fags take a blowtorch to my books -- you're assholes in the every process of the word. I can now say Koehler, Keene, Sangiovanni, Michelle Lee, and Bob Freeman support burning books. That little stunt made you all the equivelant of NAZIS. Michelle Lee you're just as guilty as they are here too. Let me ask this question -- would you have personally lit the match if someone came in and said they bought the book and enjoyed it. That is a felony on camera.
This confirms my theory about you, that you purposely cause problems with people just to get your name out there to promote whatever project you have coming up, even if those people haven't done anything to you. While I have never met these people they seem like hard working good people who shouldn't be associated with your shit.

So here is the deal: For every blog post you make from here on out, be it on blogspot, wordpress, myspace (yes some of us can still read yours), nextcat, etc and even youtube videos you make that mentions a person's name, I will post a blog entry with your old writing and photos. This means that if you can get online and make blog entries and not mention anyone's name, I won't post any of your old shit.

Obvious exceptions would be people you speak favorably of, and sites, yes even mine, that have decided to take a stand against you.

Simply put, mention someone's name and bash them, I post more information.
Go without mentioning any people's names, this site will stay silent.

I understand there are some sites, such as this one and people like TransgressiveFiction on youtube, and even Rusty Nail should be fair game but individual people and their work should be off limits.

If you agree to this it will show that you can promote your work without dropping names of people you hate just to get attention, they in turn will have no reason to bash you back, and that should make most everyone happy.

If you don't abide by this agreement, it will show that you cannot promote yourself without giving attention to those you hate and will make you look worse than you already do. Speaking of that, I put together an expose of your weight issues over the years with pictures just in case you step out of line.

Deal or no deal?


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Take every copyrighted picture down and every copyrighted work down and I will think about it.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The Other Dark Place and KAren Koehler are always going to be fair game. She backs off my real life friends I will back off of her. But THe Other Dark Place had repeatedly libeled me on a regular basis and that Encyclopedia Dramatica site must go too.

cussedness said...

That truce did not last long.

Every time someone offers him a truce, he misinterprets it as a full and unconditional surrender on his terms.

hey, Nicky, your wagstaff is broken.

Mike Brendan said...

Cussedness, that's only because he has trouble understanding basic English... which he proves on a regular basis in his so-called "writings."

7 minutes too. That's a new record for him.

ExposeTheTard said...

"and I will think about it." Absolutely not. You have proven in the past that you have trouble keeping your temper and your word.

"The Other Dark Place and KAren Koehler are always going to be fair game."
Again, absolutely not. No one person will be exempt. I don't know a lot about the Other Dark Place but they aren't dedicated to you as this and a few other places are, and they seem to ignore you unless you mention them.

I could be persuaded to, for every three months that go by that you don't mention any of those people, remove a post at a time.

But I say again that no one person is fair game. You have to prove that you can promote your shit without a flame war.

Besides, you seemed to be obsessed with that Karen person at the moment and you need to stop that. You shouldn't be that obsessed over anyone.

I may even consider sending you once in a while one of your old pics unwatermarked, but let me tell you Nicky that you are NOT calling the shots here, there will be no "I will think about it" and most importantly no one person or their site will be "fair game" unless, like I said, it's a site that purposely fucks with you and that includes exposethetard.

This is win-win for you because the less I post, the less I will come up when people google your name, and people may see you acting civil and above all the fighting and start to get some respect for you.

I don't have any association with that Britannica site so if you want to complain about them go ahead.

Mike Brendan said...

And Nicky what makes you think that ETT has *anything* to do with Encyclopedia Dramatica? And where's your proof of libel?

ExposeTheTard said...

I agree Janrae, that's why I am doing it like this because if he breaks his word, he'll get what he hates which is his old writings and pictures reposted. He hates that worse than anything else, and he especially will hate to see all the photos I have of him, photos he no longer has, and that he won't be able to take them back because they will be watermarked.

It's an incentive program, and he will keep his past and me at bay the better he acts. If he slips, then punishment will occur.

This won't be like before where he had nothing to lose in going back after those people.

ExposeTheTard said...

I forgot to add: If I were to take down "every copyrighted work" (he doesn't even own them anymore and none of them actually had copyrights) would that mean that you, Nicky, would go back and delete all references to people you've insulted all this time?

Would you delete your youtube videos where you go off on people like Freeman, Karen, and others? Would you clean your blogspot blog of all references to those people?

That's what you would have to do to get me to delete those. I am not saying I will I'm saying for me to do that, you'd have to remove all traces of insults and complaints about these other people.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The Videos stay. The photos are copyrighted by me then and now. Either remove them or I will send the letter to google forcing you to remove them. Are you willing to support the fact you stole all my old pictures in a court of law?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I call the shots loser.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The blogs stay. They brought those insults on themselves with the message board postings they did.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Anything posted of mine will mark you for deletion of this blog. THat is not a threat. I will file for order to have your site shut down and that domain shut down that you fags assume my identity.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, no lawyer would ever take your case. You couldn't afford to pay one.
The Blogger people are notoriously reluctant to police content. That's why you set up shop there after you realized they wouldn't shut down SamYoung05 for you. Same deal as WordPress when it comes to content. They thought you were nothing but a crank when you reported me to them, and basically told you to stuff it.

cussedness said...

You don't and never will call the shots, Nicky.

Get that through that thick skull of yours.

Every time I turn around you are adding someone new to your shit list who never did anything to you.

You're chihuahua trying to act like a Great Dane.

ExposeTheTard said...

Alright then all of my posts stay.

If, and it's a big if, if you get this site removed, another will pop-up with the identical informaiton. I've held onto this for a decade it won't go away.

People like Rusty Nail save the images I post and the text that you used to have online and if I went down, two sites would appear with the same thing.

You fucked up. You could have these taken down and stayed down, but now everything I've posted remains.

And you are a hypocrite, because if people look here


you will see that Nickypoo, without permission, posted someone's picture and text without their permission. It's guilty of what he is bitching about. Anyone reading this, report him for doing that. If blogspot gets enough complaints, if what he claims he is going to do to me will happen, then they will do the same to him as well as these


where he posted information that he wasn't given permission to.

Also, Nicky, here is proof I mean what I say http://exposethetard.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/for-every-blog-you-remove-two-will-pop-up/

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I call the shots here, as the rightful owner of the content that this faceless cunt steals I am able to act legally to gain it back without all the watermarks and all of that shit.

I know it is one of you from the old Gothic.net regiem that did it, someone from Firefly with an old score to settle. or some dipshit from my high school years who never really got over the fact I beat the crap out of him. What rights do you all have in stealing content or burning someone's books?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I guess you and I are going to have a war of words in the street about this then. I think what you came up with people tossing my work in the trash at the signing is BULLSHIT and I call you on it. Are you willing to back up your reasons for stealing my content in court?

cussedness said...

Okay, call the shots, Nicky.

Eight ball in the corner pocket, if you please.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nicky. It's so *cute* that you think yu have any power in this situation.

Or in any situation, really.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, if you would quit trashing people, people would have no scores to settle. I know logic is not your strong suit, but try your best to wrap your head around it.

ExposeTheTard said...

I'm going to let your mention of Karen in this comment section today go, Nicky, I consider it a freebie.

Test me. Mention someone's name, like Janrae or Keene or Karen or any of those people, and you will not be happy minutes afterwards.

You never backed up your files, and you never cleaned your room where you keep your computer so they get dusty and full of nicotene and burn up, that's not my fault. As far as you were concerned you lost everything that I saved and I am under no obligation to give any of it back.

My part of the deal stays regardless of what you agree to-for every person you mention in a derogatory way, myself excluded, the public will get another bit of your history to laugh at.

And stop lying about winning any fights in school, or I will be forced to have one of my contributors, a former classmate and friend of you, to post here.

Ben said...

"some dipshit from my high school years who never really got over the fact I beat the crap out of him"


How'd that one go, Nicky? Did you hit him with a punch weak enough that it couldn't have broken an egg? Then the guy knocked you out with one shot, and you ended up in the hospital for about six months?

cussedness said...

Nicky's weakness is self-evident.

Had he ever been capable of beating someone up, he would not have been picked on.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The fucker got clocked with a padlock across his face -- 17 stitches on his face afterward. The shackle connected to his left temple and it was from a right cross I gave him. I call the shots you faceless fuck. That is what you are -- a fuck without a face and a fuck without a spine. At least I don't hide behind a fake name and a fake picture. You fucks have no life and ExposetheTard you are a ho.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You are hindering my right to free speech Tard, if you want somewhere that is more welcome to what you do move somewhere that has a dictatorship. the internet is not a dictatorship as you are trying to do.

cussedness said...

How were you holding the padlock, Nicky?

I rather imagine that you were holding it like a prissy little girl.

I know what a padlock looks like and there is no way in hell that you caused more than three stitches with it. That is, assuming you even know how to hold one right for striking.

Furthermore, a right cross with a padlock would not work properly to achieve anything in the first place.

I could tell you the proper way to open someone's face up with one, but then that would be giving you the answer.

Tell me how you held the padlock, Nicky.

prove to me that you know how to hit with a padlock, Nicky.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The padlock shackle was wrapped around my middle finger and the body of the padloc was in the fist itself. The punch was a right hook. Effective enough with a fast punch it would break the skin and do some damage. He needed 17 stitches when I was done.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I think someone needs to shank Exposethetard though.

Anonymous said...

"You are hindering my right to free speech Tard"

Please explain how?

S/he is asking you, as a courtesy, to stop slagging off on other writers. There are no punishemnts, legal or otherwise, involved in this offer.

Yet you DEMAND [snicker] that s/he remove content or you will get your LAWYERS [snort] to take him/her to COURT [giggle] and OMGSUE!!1!1 [cackle] and/or you will BEAT THE CRAP out of him/her, possibly with a padlock [ow, my sides!].

Nicky, you are a veritable fountain of entertainment today.

cussedness said...

First you say it was a right cross and now you say it was a right hook.

You're still wrong.

Measure your fist. There is no way that you could do more than break the skin slightly with the padlock.

Speed will not achieve the tearing motion necessary to cause the number of stitches you claim to have caused.

Possibly the metal around your finger could break the skin. But it would be a tiny injury.

Try again.

Mike Brendan said...

Nicky knows as much about fighting as he does about writing proper English -- which is to say he knows nothing.

Nicky, who was that one author you made threat against, then ran away making girlie noises when he approached in the flesh?

"War of words in the streets..." What is that a shouting match? That's about all you'd be good for if your voice didn't sound so prepubescent.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

The guy I clocked and my size were about the same height back in 1990 -- 5'2 and 103 lbs. My hand is a lot bigger than it was back then.

cussedness said...

Then your hand must have been really, really tiny.

I used to carry my grandfather's depression era fighting rings in my pocket in high school so I could slip them onto my fingers if it looked like I was going to get into a fight.

They are bigger and heavier than your padlock. I know what kind of damage they do.

On your tiny hand, that padlock could not possibly have done the kind of damage that you claim to.

I call bullshit, Nicky.

Phil Smith said...

"I think someone needs to shank Exposethetard though."

Like Princess knows anything about anyone's needs, least of all his own.

cussedness said...

the only weapon I would like to use on Nicky is my cast iron dildo.

Karen said...

Let me state--for the other reader's information solely, since Nicky doesn't listen to a word I say--that I never stalked any of his friends. I don't even know who his friends are, assuming he has any. However, when he started lambasting me, HIS OWN AUTHORS and people on his MySpace came to ME to ask what was going on. They were extremely polite, so in return I politely ask that nobody here ever assume Nicky's poor authors are evil, stupid or unethical people. They are not. They were simply mislead by what I believe is an online charlatan. Could happen to any of us. After they contacted me to ask me the details, I merely pointed them to his Blogspot and told them to Google his name. They themselves made the decision not to associate with him--entirely on their own. His own ranks turned against him.

ExposeTheTard said...

Notice how he went from threatening me with legal action and getting my blog closed, to

"You are hindering my right to free speech Tard, if you want somewhere that is more welcome to what you do move somewhere that has a dictatorship. the internet is not a dictatorship as you are trying to do."

? See he knows he has done the exact same thing, and now he is scared that people are going to report HIM reposting other's pictures and text without their permission.

And is anyone else surprised that the only fight Nicky came close to winning is one where he sucker punched someone with a piece of metal? Oh I read your version of it in "An Eye In Shadows" but you left out the part about it being a girl.

You also fucked up - Given your age, you stopped growing around 1990, so
"back in 1990 -- 5'2" only proves what we already knew, which is you are small.

cussedness said...

All this bragging about this fight and it was a girl he hit?

He's a coward. I hope she whipped his arse.

Anonymous said...

"Given your age, you stopped growing around 1990"

Only vertically, ETT.

Ben said...

Wow, Nicky had to sucker punch a GIRL with a padlock wrapped in his fist. What a hero. What a man.

Hopefully that girl mopped the floor with you, Pacione. You had it coming that day, my friend.

So why did you have to hit a girl with a padlock concealed in your hand, Nicky? Did she ask you if you were gay, or did she start laughing at you when you awkwardly tried to ask her out?

Or was your intent to become an even bigger laughing stock in school than you already were?

Anonymous said...

Truth is, Nicky didn't hit anyone with that lock. He thought about doing so to a guy who was harrassing him, then told his only friend (a weasely-type guy, like Nicky) about it. The friend said, "Yeah, you shoulda done it!"

A month or so later, he started telling people he actually did do the padlock punch. The friend then told these people it wasn't true, and so Nicky and his butt buddy had a falling out.

Nicky threatened repeatedly to "beat the shit" out of the friend, but that's as far as it ever got.

Nicky is a coward.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Ben. That was a guy you idiot.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Exposethetard, that was guy you asshole that I clocked with a padlock. It wasn't a sucker punch either.

cussedness said...

I always suspected that Nicky only hit women. His hatred for them is very evident in the types of slurs he uses for them.

He's delusional as always.

Bend over, Nicky, and I'll give you your choice of dildo. I have an interesting assortment.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, face it. You never hit the person. Like everything else about internet tough guys, it's a sham.

Are you aware that I still get five or six referrals per day from that Absolute Write thread about you that was locked months ago?

5'2" and 103 lbs. No wonder you chickened out. Did you go hide behind the nearest tree?

"My hands are a lot bigger now." What you mean are your fingers are a lot fatter now, as is the rest of you, I might add. You probably can no longer even outrun a foe.

Val said...

He's stalking around me again. He can't stop what he is doing, he's an IDIOT. He hides behind the internet, which is what a coward does. I would hate to see this site and any others about Nicky go, they do give me so much amusement. I still don't understand how he is even still online with all the reports to his ISP, paypal, etc., about his abuse.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Also quit sabotaging my submissions, fucking whore

ExposeTheTard said...

who the fuck are you talking to like that Nicky? Nobody here sabotaged shit of yours.

Mike Brendan said...

Nicky, the only person sabotaging you is yourself. You lack the basic english skills to even think of calling yourself a writer. Work on that and engaging in civil discussion with critics, and maybe -- just maybe -- our days of not taking you seriously will come to a middle.

(Sorry, but I couldn't resist the Firefly quote.)

ExposeTheTard said...

Nicky messed up and got spanked. That's ok no one was ever potty trained in a day, but he will be trained.

cussedness said...

Maybe next time the crap will end up in the toilet and not his diaper.

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