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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well That Didn't Take Long

Apparently his hitatus didn't last very long.

I've known about Nicky's dealings with him for years although I was never involved in any of that. The question is- Is "tjcrowley" considered an innocent? I think so, but at the same time he's not stalking women at the moment, unless he is sending someone private emails?

What do you folks think? Is this a violation of the embargo?


Anonymous said...

If your definition of "an innocent" is simply someone who did nothing of which Nicky accuses him, then LJ User Tjcrowley, is most likely an innocent.

Nicky's been feuding on and off with the guy for years, but I know nothing of the origins of it.

ExposeTheTard said...

I only have part of the history from what I've seen but more importantly though him blogging about it.

From what I can tell, Nicky posted over at their forums looking to get his stories posted. They would reject him and were kind about it and not telling him the truth that his crap was horrible. Sadly something went wrong with the coding of what I have I only have snippets.

But I remember him asking opinions on their forum, and as per usual no matter how kind and constructive their critiques were, he flipped. It appears he got into it with one of the mods over there ("Me vs EPS") and was banned for what I assume were threats.

I ask about the innocents because as of last night, I have 30 blog posts in the queue, some of them are multiple days. Tomes of stuff. And, in case I die suddenly, the password to this place has been entrusted to a few people who simple have to go into those posts and click "publish" to carry on.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, which forum was that?

ExposeTheTard said...

Because I didn't save these pages right, all I have are the first words of the posts

2/9/04 No Hard Feelings to the Amins, but....
Seems to me that some on gothic.net don't know good horror when they see it>

2/13/04 my last post to gothic.net
BatteryPoison -- I was trying to figure out which one of you emailed me a w>

4/15/04 flamewar: Me vs. EPS
This is a confrontation that I had with Empty_Purple_Stars on yahoo. I am >

Google pacione gothic.net and get the whole story.

Anonymous said...

They appear to have a history but it seems that Nick came back after him out of nowhere. I've seen him bring up his name over the years and when I would look him and his sites up I wouldn't see him mentioning Nick making Nick's references to him all this time uncalled for.

I got your idea about the innocents being women and whatnot but technically he is going after someone that doesn't have a website dedicated to messing with him so I'd say post something.

ExposeTheTard said...

Wow thanks for the emails and posts here you were right.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Gothic.net. I should have known. It makes a lot more sense now.

ExposeTheTard said...

Since I mainly deal with the old stuff, here is his latest video almost a week old


Valyn said...

o.O I just watched the video. I should have known better. It made me hurt. He speaks WORSE than he writes, if that is possible. Thank God my dr. put me on a fentanyl patch today, I don't have a care in the world. heee

TeKajo said...

Oh man, the Nicky Fiasco is still ongoing?

It's been years since i've had contact with this fucktard.

From my personal observation, i say TJ (Darren) is an innocent. Those were fun dark times at GNet with Teh Goth.

Maybe i can find some new audio clips and make new songs. i've gotten better. ;)

cussedness said...

I tried to leave this message many, many hours ago, but was having trouble with my computer and had to give up on it.

I met Nicky at Gothic Net back in September of 03 and was around for the entire mess that set him against TJ (Darren), EPS, and Flemco.

Nicky's ire at TJ was completely undeserved.

cussedness said...

I have been looking at the dates. 4/15 is the same date that he sent me a nasty email after I have been ignoring him for months. I have gone over to Gothic.net and saw that the people were still bad-mouthing Nicky. I had not been to gothic.net in months and I remarked that I was surprised that it was still going on.

That mild statement earned me a nastygram.

ExposeTheTard said...

I lurked over at gothic.net every so often mostly because he talked about it so much you had to go look to see what all of his fuss was about. Typical Nicky he gives a lot of press to his enemies which is good because a lot of people have met as a result of him. Anyway, from what I saw, new owners came into that place who were whacked, and they not only deleted every reference to him from that site but they offered apologies, to Nicky, for every bad thing said about him. I guess he got a hold of their number someone said they gave it to him, and he was calling them many times a day. Basically the new place gave into him which was disgusting. I just don't get how people don't google him and see what he is about.

Valyn said...

Hey, ETT. I have a idea on something I want to work up and I think you COULD help me. So if you still have my email, could you shoot me one and I will tell you ALL about it. *grin*

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