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Friday, April 18, 2008

Neutral Red

I apologize, I just now realized that the drummer for Neutral Red, III, left me a message on one of my previous blog entries asking me to email him which I just did ten days late.

For the record, no one that I know, and I would bet money that anyone who knows of Nicky and his bullshit who read my blog and others knew Nicky was not managing your band.

Again, for the record, we were positive that he was not in fact, managing or even promoting your band. The posts were meant to show Nicky as he really is and was in no way meant to reflect poorly on your band. One of the blog entries was a conversation Nicky had with his alleged ex in which he was doing the typical "my life is great without you" but in the case with Nicky, it was obvious he was lying on a massive scale.

Again I would bet money on the fact that no one actually thought he was associated with your band on an official basis, rather, it appeared a fan was being rewarded for his devotion with the chance to introduce a band at a show. Sadly in Nicky's world, he became a powerful music promoter and made the point of going around the net and bragging as such.

Also I would like to point out that unless there is something I am forgetting, I am sure the only other mentioning of your band on this site was in the form of direct quotes taken from Nicky himself from myspace.

I wish your band continued success both in your home state and abroad, and I am sure that hardly anyone at your show will actually know who he is so your reputation in Illinois should be fine. Here's a tip: He isn't famous and well known like he tells you he is there.

I just read your posts over at Rusty Nail and glad to see what you wrote and not surprised at the responses you have gotten from the EONS (Enemies Of Nicky) they are a class act and good people. I'd like to think the same is thought of me, even though no one really knows who I am. :)


Valyn said...

I think you are good people! ;-)

Nicky and his delusions, eh, what can you do?

ExposeTheTard said...

aw thanks Valyn. I was listening to your show last night I loved the smoke detector commercial! :D

If anyone wonders why he is being quiet, he has probably already left to go into the city and as we speak is probably signing in to the hostel nearest to Nite Cap.

There will be about a week you won't hear from him as his trip will land him in the hospital with exhaustion and/or some bronchial flu brought on as you will be informed, by him over exerting himself at the show.

If one of the above written does not come to pass in the next few weeks he will be lying.

cussedness said...

No one wishes the band ill. We simply point out Nicky's delusions of grandeur as they occur.

ExposeTheTard said...

Well cussedness said it better than I could with less words.

I wish I didn't have plans tomorrow night I'd go see them. Of course, watching the lead singer clothesline his stinky ass off the stage would be great to see!

Rusty said...

I think we all wish the bamd continued success. I'll be really ticked off if any of my readers pounce the joint and cause problems for any of the bands.

Valyn said...

aw thanks Valyn. I was listening to your show last night I loved the smoke detector commercial! :D

What time were you listening? I don't remember doing a smoke detector commercial? Maybe I am losing my mind? I was on from 9pm-11pm ET? Once you hear my southern drawl, you'll never forget it! LMAO My show today is at 2pm this afternooon. ;-)

Anonymous said...

After III's posts that Nicky saw I thought seeing this yesterday was hilarious

"Nickolaus A. Pacione

Apr 19 2008 4:21 PM

See you in about 20 minutes. I will be enroute to the venue itself. I am going to be calling Tim in two minutes here."

Anonymous said...

it was pretty quick yet painful last night. in the minute or so he was up there he rambled on about something so fucking fast you could hear the crowd going "huh?" he moved one of his arms up at one point causing his concert shirt to pull up over his fat gut which made half the people cheer the other yell "ew" and gross. some chick laughed at that point loud enough to make others and it made him stutter a little more before he finished his spiel and got off the stage. didnt see them attack him though. oh someone yelled that he got the wrong size shirt which made people laugh too but I think he missed it. he was pretty nervous and shakey. and short and fat.

Anonymous said...

His myspace says last login was 4/20/08 so even if it was last night, he has gotten online since the show. maybe the hospital he is at has internets?

III said...

thanks for the support guys. it's good to know that you are able to separate us from whatever situation is happening. very cool of you.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised by Anon's assessment of the enchanted evening? :P

ExposeTheTard said...

Thank you, III, for understanding the situation and not jumping the gun, which I'm afaid I would have understood if you did.

Can you tell us what happened? How it went?

Anonymous said...

You were right about him not getting back on the net the first few days after. He does that often I take it?

Do you really think he is in a hospital at the moment? I read in the papers Oregon I think had a homeless man who racked up almost half a million in hospital bills (the state's dime) because he is a hypochondriac. I wonder how long before they do a piece on Nicky abusing the Illinois medical system.

Anonymous said...

he's baaaaacccckkkk

well online right now anyway

III said...

in addition to anonymous' description of the evening, all the bands had fun rocking out, and NR had a blast, but did not like pulling into the driveway at home at 9 am. pacione did some screaming into the mic (something we asked him to not do - he responded with something about "pumping the crowd up"), which clipped the board, promptly pissing the sound guy off. we then had to quickly explain that it was not us doing the screaming in an attempt to keep the sound guy from giving us the "P.A. fuck" as to which it is somtimes referred.

ExposeTheTard said...

That is hilarious III thanks for the update.

Actually it's not and I am sorry your Illinois show was tainted by that. I'm sure it's nerve racking enough as it is to do a show, much less to have to deal with that.

And may I also say after looking at your myspace I am grateful that you have been such a class act with us. You look as if you could crush us or at the very least hack us up with your "toys". ;D

Karen said...

Good luck with everything, III. You sound like a cool, and very patient, guy and I'll be sure to check out your music online.

Rusty said...

I sent them a friend request at MySpace and they added my Nikolai identity. Cool.

I can understand III getting ticked off at Nicky's braggadocio, and feeling a bit under siege, but he handled it quite well, I thought. I got a visit from Xris, too, today, and he left a couple of comments.

cussedness said...

I ought to friend them and look into their music. I visited their myspace and it looked really cool. They have fascinating faces and it made me want to get out my paints and do portraits of them.

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