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Friday, April 25, 2008

When Teenage Girls Attack! or "midwestern mindfucking"

Why is it that no matter who fucks with him, he always goes after people that aren't doing anything to him and never have in the first place? Anyway he did, so on to the show.

Egads! Nicky's picture was stolen from a teenage girl! Especially in Chicago! CHICAGO!

hivalisious hivalisious was 14 when this happened, but it didn't matter because Nicky was the victim of

idenity fraud [21 Dec 2001|06:20pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Alice In Chains -- Sludge Factory ]

I had got a little pissed off at hivalisious because she made off with one of my picture icons -- namely the one of me that was taken on December 16th at the Riverwalk. Getting away with calling me an ugly old man -- I am laughing there but when people steal another persons picture and assuming it is them is something I hate more than anything. So for those who are friends with her -- I am sorry that you are pulled in the middle. I was using my real name as my sn, I did not know she was a female though because I was getting very pissed as I would with the host of
darksites. And in this case when someone steals your picture -- it is not flattery but a lot of ass kissing on their part because when I got into it with the assclown it was a two hour long stand off to get my files back. I will not snap that often but if someone tries to use my picture and passes it off as theirs -- rule of thumb, someone uses their actual pics -- don't steal them. Moral of the story -- don't steal from an Italian who tends to have tangent of having trash talking to an art form. I have three screen names on aol -- Blind Stigmata, nickolauspacione, and urbanizedsin for the record. The ones who would know about the incident about my hotmail being hacked and my handle in beseen being stolen would see why I would get pissed. Stealing my pic is grounds for getting fucked with on aim and get a midwestern mindfucking. But to give that person a lot of credit try to pass off as me -- good luck trying especially in Chicago.

Good luck trying in Chicago little girl! You don't want to start out your young life with a "midwestern mindfucking"!

At this point Nicky felt defeated and said
I can't win [21 Dec 2001|09:50pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Megadeth -- Silent Scorn/Return to the Hangar ]

I had changed my picture for the icon, this is one taken in front of my home in Morris. I know that is one of my pet peeves of people taking my icons but what could I do -- there are five people snagging that one picture from when I was at journal con then one that I took on December 16th. The other one I don't mind so much as long as you put my name with it sheesh or link back my website. It gets cute for awhile but it gets to be a real eyesore.

Disturbing, isn't it? Not someone taking your icons, Nicky saying "sheesh".

How did this saga end?


[21 Dec 2001|11:53pm]
Those who took my picture off their use of lj icons -- I appreciate it. Some of you might of thought it was amusing but the one who is still on my shitlist for doing it and you know who you are. For the sake of valuing your freedom -- knock it the fuck off. This is her email address.

I removed the email address. RP is an adult now but none the less no need to post that, especially when I am proof that no one will ever harass someone's email for Nicky's sake.


Valyn said...

I will not snap that often but

Yeah, riiight. Sure you don't. LMAO

Thanks for the morning laugh, ETT!! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Nicky sez: "don't steal from an Italian who tends to have tangent of having trash talking to an art form."

Goddammit, I was enjoying that coffee!

Why does Nicky always stand with his legs spread three feet apart? Balance issues? Painful testicular condition? Official stance of the Internet Tough Guy?

Valyn said...

Trash talking to an art form. Yeah I read that and spewed coffee myself. If an art form is repeating the same stupid crap over and over AND over, then yes, he's a master. Or is that masturbator? *snickers* LMFAO

Anonymous said...

This is the best timing ever

" Nickolaus A. Pacione
Apr 25 2008 5:13 AM

Gas just became $4 a gallon now in parts of Chicago.
I was looking at the news here about it. I just looked this up and damn. Getting out here last weekend you guys got lucky in that sense because it wasn't quite that yet over the weekend. I had this strange feeling it would almost be close to $5. I wouldn't be surprised if some drove to Gary to get gas or one of the border towns north."

it's funny because he doesn't drive and hours later someone else was complaining about the cost of gas-the guy who set his book on fire with it! lool

Valyn said...

LMAO he's such a twit.

You know I am on air now, and my show theme is "Most Embarrassing Moments". Don't you think Nicky should come over and put in a request with his MANY flubs and embarassing moments? I could do a WHOLE damned show on just HIS. LMAO Too funny.

Ok back to my show. Just checking between songs.

Anonymous said...

Oh christ, is he picking on little teenage girls again? Hell, and she even won, surprise surprise! LOL

Anonymous said...

"I am not going to stop doing these anthologies, or producing anthologies all together"

Of course not. It's the easiest thing in the world for him. All he does is kiss author's asses, asks for their stories, then compiles them in a book and slaps his name on it. Did I mention he takes his sweet ass time paying us while he brags about buying copies to give to people for free? Know what thats like to be waiting for money and see him buying his own books to give to folks for free? And it became apparent from reading him that anytime he was going to leave his house he had to have something to giveaway as if he was buying people's friendship.
Oh he told us that he was doing it to get our names out there which some of us bought at first, but then when you see him talking about the book, then mid-sentence he starts going off on other people calling them every politically incorrect name in the book, you realize that you just tied your name to a fat little greasy rock that will pull it to the bottom.
Fuck him worst one was I finally got a copy of one of the anthologies I was in, and family is over when I open it so they ask to see, and when you open it up right away he's going off for twenty pages about everyone he hates. It's at that embarrassing moment everyone in the house realizes what kind of a person you sold a story to and I will hate him forever for that.

Valyn said...

I'm sorry Nick screwed you over. He is a sorry excuse for a human being. Karma is really gonna bite his fat ass hard one day, I just hope I am around to witness it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry about that, mouse-above-me.

Don't worry about Nicky's taint rubbing off on you. He had about as much pull as a spit in the ocean.

I hope things go better for you.

Mike Brendan said...

"I will not snap that often..."

That boy snaps more than a bowl of Rice Krispies.

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