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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Retarded Record Keeps Skipping

"It shows that ExposetheTard and The Rusty Nail are the one person because when one posts, it is not too far behind the conjoined twins will start posting too. The recent posting she did that was an open letter to long time friends of mine was what shows right there. She will stop at nothing to sabotage something -- the Rusty Nail and Expose the Tard aka blah blah blah"

Dearest, stupidest Nicky,

The drummer for Neutral Red (a really cool guy from what we've seen) left messages in both my and Rusty Nail's comment sections of our sites. Mine was left on the 8th and I still feel bad for missing that, he posted on Jane's yesterday.

Everyone else knows I am not Rusty Nail and vice versa, how is it that you can't soak that in? Oh that's right forgot, the same reason you were kicked out of the Navy, college, and why you can't drive or work.

Speaking of your learning disability,

There's no forcing a perminate hitatus out of me, it won't happen now.

how many times and how many people have to tell you that it's spelled and pronounced hiatus? Not hitatus. See typing that in my firefox browser shows a red line under hitatus meaning it's misspelled.

Scary to think someone the same age as my mother going around stalking me and trying to destroy someone 15 years their junior. It is a crock of shit on their part.

Do you realize what you did, again? Better question: Does your mother know you are going around telling the world she had you when she was fifteen?

And finally, did Darren give you permission to post his words on your blog? I see you quoted him, did he give you permission to do that? Because you throw a fit if it's done to you.

I've noticed you haven't mentioned any innocents since my last post, unless you have and I have yet to see it (people if I miss any of his hatred, email me at exposethetard@yahoo.com and let me know!) so I won't post and comment on the plethora of posts I have of you scared that you are sick, which is fitting since you seem to think it's fine to make fun of others who are ill.

I have them, they are waiting, unless we are going to finally play nice...


cussedness said...

He did mention Trawlingfrogdog. Not exactly an innocent, but he's an ex-bf of mine with a bad attitude. I caught an earful from John over Nicky mentioning him.

Valyn said...

He won't stop, you know he won't. It's not within his fried little brain. I figured he would be on "hitatus" until after the show, but he just can't help himself, he HAS to stalk all of us.

ExposeTheTard said...

Well please tell me when you see him mentioning someone he is stalking again.

Today, I uploaded to my blogspot account probably thirty posts worth of, well crap, but it's interesting and funny!

You know for someone that makes fun of AIDs and cancer, when he got a cold, he used to post two or three times a day bitching about it.

This boxer, this badass that is going to beat our asses if he ever sees us in person.

Anyway, the canons are loaded, let me know when he acts up again.

Valyn said...

I sure will. I am waiting for him to bombard my youtube account with this shit again. He sent me 4 PM's there the other day within 5 minutes of each other. o.O

Anonymous said...

He's like a yappy Yorkie. I'll bet he couldn't jump higher than my kneecaps, let alone punch me in the grapes.

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