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Monday, April 14, 2008


Welcome to my homepage, I am known as F8ofGod in various chatrooms and in others you will see the name -Nickolaus-, which is my real name. I am a writer who is trying to see my work in print and at times that can very discouraging because some would say that I am too gritty or vulgar, but in my opinion that is just too bad for them because the way I write will never die since there will always be the writer that is not afraid to make someone think or frighten. Some people would call me gothic because of the things that would come out of my imagination, I hate to label myself that but it comes out in my writings. I just like to write scary stories because I am a fan of the genre and like to have something cool to have when I go out on camping trips.

This is something that I had an intrest in while I was a child and was a former Boy Scout. I collected books on horror, true crime, and dark folklore. This lead to my intrest in psychics, the occult, and the supernatural. My mother had also shared the intrest in ghosts and the unexplained which lead me into the supernatural and every horror novel I had read as well as my best fictional stories that I had written are those in the dealings of the supernatural.

My Beliefs:

If anyone would describe my beliefs, one cannot begin to put a finger on them since I have friends that do believe in reincarnation. I honestly believe in life after death, but no one truely knows when their own death for sure. I used to be in the Pentacostal Church which preached of heaven and hell. They don't call hell Purgatory.

In the eyes of the Christian Church, I had been called many things including a hypocrite, but in the ways that I think is something that one should not concieve because of what one had been taught. They taught that one should change their entire out look on life just to make people more comfortable to be around them, I just maintained an honesty that even makes the conventional Christians cringe and my views of them burning books is a form of censorship.

Almost of form a discrimination in itself. One may call me "dark" or "evil" by the standards of the mainstream, but that is something I don't really consider myself as being part of the mainstream ways of thinking. I feel this way because I fell victim of the system when they decided not to return my son and said that I would have an open adoption. Calling the Gothic lifestyle a form of Satanism -- not all goths are Satanists. Some are actually Christians, but even the Christian Goths get hell from their peers because of they choose to wear black. It really should not matter because it is a was of expressing oneself.

Not many would understand why I am the way that I am, but those that had been friends with me as long as some of the friends that I had gone to school with will understand once they get to know me.


Anonymous said...


A book by Erik Enck, Pacione tagged it as "Burn This One"

yet if you go here

you will see

"Book Burner: the censorship and pirating of nickolaus pacione from ferryman's wheelchair to eye in shadows (is that it?) is something new to consider, but this shit will start happening all over again. According to the masses, there have been challenges on specific works, with many industry names lodging complaints, often fanned by the flames of pacione's sudden outbursts or outrages against people, then stirred up by members of his original anthology series. Valentine Vegen: so what do you propose? Beatdown? Bodily harm?
Book Burner: book burning rallies of his work are the way to go, if approached correctly, and if done at horror conventions may even prove successful (and funny as shit!), but recent "crusaders" (his homeboys from his lineups) have pressed for the elimination of such acclaimed authors as the ones you see on the Leisure lists. I think we need to involve his family. the fucker's got his relatives helping him buy and stock up on titles of this book of his. They deserve the prank phone calls. keep it up. I think we need to really mess with his head too. (see the new site that sprouted up. Just like what I said in the non-fiction book too.) He needs to be taught a lesson. The only nazi here is himself. In some cases, people like pacione can be persuaded or threatened with book burning or prosecution in a court if they see that the books are libelous and too controversial, regardless of grammatical errors.
Valentine Vegen: interesting. I say we strike"

Val said...

One may call me "dark" or "evil" by the standards of the mainstream

Dark or evil? LMAO more like stupid and hateful. He really has no hold on reality does he?

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