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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bad News: #5. At The End Will Never Happen

He did threaten someone's life yesterday, didn't he? And for someone who was upset that his address and number got out, he spends an awful lot of time lately doing the same to others.

Onto today's post, this is light compared to what is in the queue, so if you don't like this don't lose hope there is a lot more to show you. A lot. What I forgot I had and stumbled across this week amazed even me.

"Faggot boy" was a gay teenage blogger who Nicky swiped this survey from.
Tainted Angel was a single mom Nicky fell in love with over the net and proceeded to send money to. If you go back and read my previous posts you'll see him preparing to meet her. In one unpublished post he is entertaining the thought of getting a bed and breakfast for the two of them. Well she wasn't into him like he was her, and this caused him to become enraged and feel betrayed, believing he was scammed by a lesbian. All the money he gave her he expected back and turned into an outright monster about it.

Please note that one of the things he hates is censorship, and how that very statement is on a site he is looking to censor.

okay I got this from the faggot boy [18 Dec 2001|04:58am]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | System of a Down -- Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover) ]

5 cravings:
1. junk food
2. being able to travel
3. Snakebite and Black
4. higher learning
5. caffine and cigars

5 women I admire:

1. Tainted Angel
2. Rinat (Happy Hanukkah!!)
3. Paz from A Perfect Cirle
4. Angela Clarke, one of my proteges
5. Dream Disturber

5 men I highly respect:
1. Edgar Allen Poe
2. H.P. Lovecraft
3. Maynard James Keanan
4. Tony Iommi
5. my step-father

5 current 'I really fucking hate...':
1. same sex marriage (those of you who knew me from FireFly would know this one.)
2. stupidity
3. shallow little snobbie bastards (they should be tossed in the gas chamber with the boy and girl bands)
4. lil boy and girl bands, they do nothing but annoy me
5. censorship

5 most wanted CDs
1. Slayer -- God Hates Us All
2. November's Doom -- The Knowing
3. Black Sabbath -- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
4. Dio's Holy Diver
5. Motorhead -- March or Die

5 current songs:

1. Death -- Low Life (R.I.P. Chuck)
2. Megadeth -- Crown of Worms
3. Control Denighed -- The Fragile Art Of Existance
4. Alone -- The Hard Way
5. Descentless -- Clay and Dust (this is my spoken word)

5 most wanted items

1. anything from Death
2. a shitload of film
3. the reasons why for September 11th
4. to be understood by the fundementalist community
5. to see my work out there and making money from it


Anonymous said...

Why would someone hate anyone else's marriage?

Don't like same-sex marriage? DON'T HAVE ONE. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

"5. to see my work out there and making money from it"

Utterly hilarious.

Valyn said...

He hates stupidity? Well, that explains why he hates himself so much. Someone so hell bent on hurting others can't care much for themselves either.

Back to la la land...wee ;-)

therustynail said...

1. Junk food

No shit.

Valyn said...

Speaking of food. *looks around, biting lip* I had a dream about the midget asshole last night. I remember something about cooking and Pacione. That'll teach me to watch my beloved Food Network before going to bed I guess. o.O Or could it be these new patches? I don't know, but it was a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

You should write a Pacione-style short story about that nightmare, Valyn.

therustynail said...

In the dreams that would be mine that would have deceived one into thinking they are real, Pacione burst onto the kitchen stage where Morimoto-san and I were setting up for our Iron Chef America cook-off, and screamed "DESTROY" into the microphone as loud as he could.

ExposeTheTard said...

I have tomes and tomes of his nightmare descriptions. Its the biggest part of the collection there are more of them than anything else.

As a favor to all of you however, I won't post them. They are long and rambling, and he reuses the same words at the beginning of every sentence sometimes "From this...from that which...from it which is" it's not an exaggeration to say it would hurt your eyes.

Valyn said...

I would LOVE to write a short story, and sometimes I do, but sadly I am not that great of a writer. I mostly write poetry as a stress reliever and I don't post it very often, because it tends to be dark and about my violent childhood. Wouldn't want to terrify my friends away. HAH. If anyone wants to help me, I would be glad to write one. LMAO Anything to piss his ass off. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Not to get off topic, but in the past week the very band Nicky has been trying to promote (we know now officially it was all about him) turned on him and goofed on him in public, but Nicky is completely ignoring that. Well he's doing what y'all said he would do in lying low and pretending to be busy but in the past when someone turned on him he'd become enraged, and he is pretending that they never said anything bad about him. Or has he not seen III's and others' posts here and on rn?

Valyn said...

I know, I thought the same thing when I saw some of the comments from the band members. Maybe that is WHY he is laying low? Maybe he really is stupid and hasn't seen the posts. I don't know...hmmm

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