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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

They were saying who is darker, hands down they said me.

Look I've always known Nicky had a learning disability but this is ridiculous. Does he still touch fire after being on this earth 31 years forgetting why he isn't supposed to?

Anyway, mention an innocent, get burned. Simple, really.

Saturday, April 20, 2002
Goth Con pictures

It had been a long time (almost a month) since I had posted in this one, almost a month but since I got back from Goth Con -- I have been very prolific as a writer, wrote my first epic as well as done some editing to Writings From The Grave. I was modifying the archive area so for the readers will take a look around. I had a hell of a damn good time down in New Orleans, not bad for the first time down there. I had written some of the experience on a journal that I started up at melodramatic.com, and got to meet some interesting people -- it was surprising of the reaction of some of them knowing that I was down there. I shined at the open mic though and that was my favorite moment because I did not do open mics in a year -- the last one was Twilight Tales in March of 2001, I read Carnival of Carpathia at that one. This open mic I saw myself writing one on the spot -- almost like old times there for me because that was something a lot of when I was reading the DuPage open mic circut.
It was basically a firefly reunion when I met Aran for the first time, it took him a while to figure out who I was but when I told him I was the one who wrote "St. Vitus' Straightjacket" he knew. It was more of a shock for him to meet me -- he wanted to meet me for a long time then there were others who I finally met with there from Chicago. They told me they were going -- I met up with them by sheer chance trying to find the place. The interactions between the various people going down and who were there are priceless -- especially the ones who were from Chicago and figured out who I was right away. They were comparing notes of the webmasters from Northeastern Illinois and they knew who I was because I was the only one who was more grunge than goth. Though they were thinking "oh my fucking god," they knew becuase of the fact I have the tough mind and hardcore imagination. They were saying who is darker, hands down they said me.
The picture above is with Seabrite of the Milwalkee Gothic Council, his crew had to tell me to stay put because he was upstairs and getting some things. I met him on the last day of the Convention but when I met Aran, it was on the first night. He was basically crapping himself when he was thinking oh my god, it is actually him. Michelle got the picture -- it is one of those that I am still waiting on but it allows people to keep guessing. It would have me laughing if he had my signature story printed up and asked me to sign the thing, that would be the one titled Method Into The Heart Of Madness. It was this one that helped me leave an unscarred shadow on the internet.
I divided up the Goth Con pics to decide where I am going to put some of them -- some of them are up on Writings From The Grave which I went and redesigned parts of the website itself. One of the pictures one of the fetish photographers took of me is on there -- I tagged it the title of an Iron Maiden song, that would be on the community Gothic People on MSN. I also posted some of them on various communities one the web. On those notes I was inspired to redesign the journals at diaryland and diary-x -- namely in the archive area of the diaryland journal. I posted my send off pictures on the journals -- one of them is with the entry Among Shadows on Diary-x. This is where I redesigned one of the backup guestbooks if the one for the main website is down.

And I have all of the Goth Con 2002 pictures, Nicky, do you?


Nickolaus Pacione said...

My hair isn't curly, it is naturally wavy.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You're a nobody. How long do you plan on stalking me without end anyway? This shit will get you locked up.

ExposeTheTard said...

And constantly harassing people won't? How many threats have you made in the past year alone? How well does the Morris Police department know your name?

All you have to do, is stop mentioning people's names who you normally stalk and insulting them. You can promote yourself without that, right? You're work speaks for itself, doesn't it? Sure you can bash me, that Encyclopedia Dramatica site and those youtube accounts, but leave people alone.

And I'll do the same to you.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Nicky, who's your pretty friend?

V said...

I shined at the open mic though and that was my favorite moment because I did not do open mics in a year

Wow it was chipmunk night at the mic? heh

Nickolaus Pacione said...
You're a nobody. How long do you plan on stalking me without end anyway? This shit will get you locked up.

Oh yeah Nicky. I guess all the STALKING and threatening YOU have done will get YOU locked up then, eh? One can only hope!

ExposeTheTard said...

Nicky why are you going off on my DeviantART repeatedly in the past 24 hours accusing me of being Rusty Nail?

What makes you think that?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



cussedness said...

I can't wait to hear about what happens there.

Mr. lisping lips Mushmouth will be a riot, I'm certain.

Ben said...

Withering Soul and Neutral Red appearing with...who is that?

Damn it, I can't read that black metal font!

Also, someone NEEDS to go to that show, not to watch the bands, but to watch Nicky attempt to make it all about himself. I bet he tries to "jam" with all three bands, only to be thrown off by the roadies and security.

Valyn said...

Sorry, but I have to post this link I saw. I am laughing my ass off. Scroll down and read Nicky's answer. He is about as goth as my mother, and I am sure he has non-goth females beating down his door! *snorts*

Oh Nicky You Are Dreaming

cussedness said...

that's hilarious, Valyn.

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