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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"they won't force me into hitatus"

Technically he is going into hitatus. Like an anonymous commenter pointed out, he usually goes off on those who bash him and this week has been very active among the EONs yet no tirades from Nicky.

Wisely he did not mention any names. I am a person of my word, and because of that will not post any "blasts from the past" for this.

I did this video for those who are wanting in detail what I want for issue number seven. And seems like now I am deemed a public figure being a publisher, but I will also put on fair game that the person who said that is also a public figure too if I go blasting on him. Right now I won't rail off on the loser. but this is what I am looking for as far as submissions for the seventh issue of the magazine and this is a local author issue (local for those who are from Chicago down to Kankakee. Between dealing with piss bloggers and yellow journalistic bastards, I am still working on a number of manuscripts and they won't force me into hitatus.) I will go more into detail via e-mail about the stories if you respond to the comment..

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He messed up did you catch it? No I don't mean "hitatus" he messed up worse than that.
but I will also put on fair game that the person who said that is also a public figure too if I go blasting on him.
Anyone else catch that? Livejournal said this week people can discuss Nicky and not violate the TOS because they deemed him a public figure.

Is tjcrowley? If they looked him up like they did Nicky would he be deemed a public figure? No offense to him but I would guess no, as I would say the same for most of the people on livejournal Nicky goes after with the exception of a few authors.

This means that the very weapon Nicky was trying to use on lj can be used against him. Does Nicky mention you and harass you? Are you a celebrity? No? Tell them. Turn him in. He's done it to you and would do it again were he not given the honor he got this week.


Anonymous said...

So...having Nicky "blast" at you makes you a public figure? That seems to be what he's saying.

BTW, whatever happened to the rich girlfriend he was about to have?

Rusty said...

Her tatas were a little too high?

My bad.

Valyn said...

I can't see any woman in her right mind wanting to get near that grease ball. Ewww. I noticed he hasn't been on deviantART in 6 days.

He won't go off the rail? Shit, he's already off his rocker, why not go all the way? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Well he's posted a blog about Karen, so truce broken! lol

ExposeTheTard said...

Yes it was broken, and I unleashed five blog posts as a result. Damning posts that had a lot of juicy dirt.

But that's not everything, so if he wants to keep going after people that aren't and haven't done anything to him, they will continue.

Would anyone here like to see an old livejournal goth thread with him from years ago?

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